How to Prepare for Interior Painting 

Prior to Doherty Restoration, Inc.'s Arrival:

  • Please remove fragile items (lamps, knickknacks, artwork, etc.) from the work area
  • If possible, remove window treatments
  • If work is to be done in a bathroom, remove towels and personal items
  • If cabinets, shelving or closets are to be painted, remove content
  • Unplug electronics or mark cords that must remain plugged
  • Please designate a restroom for crew use and, if possible, a utility sink
  • If you have pets, please make arrangements to keep them out of the work area
  • If you have an alarm system, turn it off or be sure to let us know how to disarm the alarm should it trip accidentally
  • Let us know your color selections at least a week in advance
  • If any portion of work is to be done “per client’s direction” be sure to write a task list
  • Inform Doherty Restoration, Inc. of parking options (on street, driveway; will a permit be required?)
  • Signed forms and your deposit are due before work begins

Doherty Restoration, Inc. are Thoughtful & Responsive

  • Doherty Restoration, Inc. crews generally begin work at 7:30AM, but other arrangements can be made
  • The crew will help move furniture away from walls and return it to its original location (Please empty content from heavy pieces)
  • Furniture and flooring will be well protected using plastic sheeting, paper or cloth drops. Anticipate a work site left tidy at the end of each day, with trash removed upon your project’s completion
  • Outlet covers and switch plates may be removed however Doherty Restoration cannot dismantle other electrical fixtures such as the mounting hardware on overhead lights
  • If work requires the disturbance of existing lead paint, the crew will follow all State and Federal lead-safe guidelines to prevent the risk of contamination
  • If you have questions as the job proceeds, please speak with your Doherty Restoration, Inc. foreman or call office at 415-695-1494. We want to address whatever concerns may arise!
  • Leftover paint will be labeled and left at your home for future touch-ups

About Cure Times:

Latex paints dry to the touch in a few hours but take about 30 days to fully cure.  Please discuss cure times with your estimator or foreman and plan accordingly before replacing items on shelving, rehanging art work, or closing newly painted doors and windows – especially during periods of high humidity. 

Your Satisfaction

We are committed to completing jobs on time, ensuring minimal disruption to our clients, and creating a beautiful, lasting product. We also work evenings and weekends to better serve our clients with special needs!