Throughout our 30 years of business, Doherty Restoration, Inc. has grown and evolved alongside the needs and demands of our Bay Area clientele. Presently, we have refocused our company to put an emphasis on sustainable restoration using LEED-Certified & post-consumer products and energy efficient practices while providing the quality services we are well known for.

We recognize the need for environmentally conscious practices in all aspects of our company and services, from choosing paint colors that complement and blend with the natural beauty of the surrounding environment to helping our customers chose the most energy efficient appliances and products for their homes and businesses. Some of our sustainable renovation techniques include:

  • Replacing energy-wasting appliances (furnaces, water heaters, etc.) with energy-efficient products
  • Zero to Low-VOC paint
  • Reclaimed wood
  • 100% recycled-content insulation
  • Energy-saving window replacements
  • Resource efficient kitchen and bath fixtures
  • 100% Energy Star light fixtures with florescent/LED bulbs
  • Drought tolerant landscaping
  • Installing drip systems
  • Energy-saving roof replacements

We embrace the challenges of building green and are continuously researching and developing more sustainable and environmentally responsible business practices. Doherty Restoration, Inc. regards each finished project as another step toward creating a greener Bay Area community.

Doherty Restoration, Inc. is an EPA Certified Renovation Firm as of 2009 and a proud member of Build It Green.