Lead Remediation 


Doherty Restoration, Inc. has been one of the leading contractors specializing in lead-safe procedures in the Bay Area since 1991. 

We work with you from the moment you receive your Notification of Violation (NOV), alongside the Department of Building Inspections (DBI) and Department of Public Health (DPH). There is one of two reasons for receiving this notification (1) a tenant has requested DBI to inspect their residence or (2) a child living in the residence has Elevated Blood Levels (EBL). Children are all tested for EBL before starting school, and in the instance that this is the cause of the notification, urgent steps for lead remediation need to be taken. 

Doherty Restoration, Inc. has performed countless lead stabilization projects on residential buildings, private homes, and childcare facilities. Our crews have been CDHP (Department of Health) Lead in Construction Certified for over 25 years, and we are fully EPA Lead-Safe Certified for Renovation, Repair, and Painting to ensure safety from lead poisoning during all stages of construction. 

Clean Air, Healthy Home

The health of our painters, the planet, you, and your home is our priority. The Doherty Restoration crew adheres to all OSHA safety standards and is EPA lead-safe certified to work safely and legally wherever lead paint is present. We use professional-grade zero and low-VOC paints because these products are simply healthier for all concerned. We also use HEPA filtered sanders and vacuums, tack-mats and containment sheeting to prevent the spread of dust or debris.

For more details on Lead Safety see our resources page.

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Services Offered

  • Notifications to local government agencies
  • Prep residence
  • Contain Lead
  • Remove Lead hazards from home
  • Remove Lead hazards from soil
  • Proper disposal of lead chips
  • Lead Stabilization
  • Replace soil or create barrier
  • Facilitate with homeowners, property managers, and tenants
  • Work with family of EBL child

Sign and Return Your Pre-Renovation Form Today

Please use the links below to read the EPA Renovate Right brochure, then sign and return an EPA Pre-Renovation Form. Your signed form, indicating that you have read the brochure, must be returned to Doherty Restoration, Inc. before work on your pre-1978 home begins, even if there is no lead present.

Download EPA Renovate Right 

Download EPA Pre-Renovation Form

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