Bathroom Remodel

Doherty Restoration, Inc. assists homeowners in renovating their existing property, from a simple restoration of an existing room to ground-up builds and additions. We are also experienced in building ADA bathrooms for persons with disabilities, and have converted closets into bathrooms for our clients. 

We use LEED certified products, recycled and post-consumer materials in order to save clients thousands of dollars. At Doherty Restoration, Inc. we use value engineering to ensure all products and services we provided bring you the greatest value by either improving the function or reducing the cost. By using value engineering you not only save during the remodel, but also long term with savings in energy bills and available tax credits.

Doherty Restoration, Inc. works with a team of professionals to ensure that we fit your budget and schedule. We work the best in each field; interior designer, historical reviewers, structural and mechanical engineers, and architects, and appliance professional.

We can provide all that is needed for your new home, and at the best price. 

View some of our work below.


Services Offered

  • Full Remodels
  • Room Additions from the Ground Up
  • Repairs
  • Decks
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Updates
  • Replacing energy-wasting appliances (furnaces, etc.) with energy-efficient products:
    • Low-VOC paint
    • Reclaimed wood
    • 100% recycled-content insulation
    • Energy-saving window replacements
    • Resource efficient fixtures for Kitchen and Bath
    • 100% Energy Star light fixtures with florescent/LED bulbs
    • Energy-saving furnaces, insulation, water heaters and roofs

Bathroom Remodel Portfolio